Sharpie “Tie Dye” for Kids Class

Crafted Life

$ 35.00

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  • Because tie dyeing with kids can often be a seriously messy undertaking, this class will teach kids 8+ a beautiful and simple alternative.  In this class we will create a “faux” tie dye effect using multi colored Sharpie markers and rubbing alcohol. Kids love to watch the permanent ink from the Sharpies burst into an extraordinary watercolor effect when sprayed with alcohol. 

    This technique is simple enough for even smaller kids to enjoy and complete successfully. NOTE: each student should bring one white cotton t-shirt, tank top or other white cotton garment.

    Please have kids dress with the possibility of getting just a little messy…. we will be using permanent ink!  Class fee includes all materials to complete your provided personal garment and your mini-crafters will leave class with an incredible, washable and durable summer staple.

    Class length: 1.5 hours

    Skill level: 1 (ages 8+)

    Materials for class: rubber bands, plastic cups, spray bottles, rubbing alcohol, sharpie markers.
    Materials to be provided by student: 1 white cotton t-shirt, tank top or other white cotton garment

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