Pajaki Paper Chandeliers Class

Crafted Life

$ 75.00

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  • In this class, we will discover the whimiscal Polish craft of Pajaki! Pajaki are traditional paper chandeliers made from straw and colored scraps of paper that were used to cheaply decorate Polish homes. Pajaki can be insanely intricate or elegantly simple or anywhere in between. Using a wide variety of papers and craft supplies, we will create something truly unique.

    These beautiful creations can take some time to assemble, so we've carved out the entire afternoon for this creative undertaking, and we hope that you can do the same!  Join us and let's get creative!

    Class time: 4 hours

    Ages: Adult (16+)

    Materials List (provided): 3/4" wooden reed, waxed thread, paper straws, crepe paper sizzixed into small shapes, pom poms, metal key ring hoops, metallic Dresden, cupcake liners, crepe paper scraps for flowers, felt scraps, pom pom trims, etc.

    Tools (provided): scissors, glue guns, bent tip needles, binder clips, pinking shears, small hole punch, stapler

    Cost: $75 (includes all materials)

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