Felt Succulents with Macramé Hangers Class

Crafted Life

$ 45.00

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  • In this class, we'll create a cute and easy felt succulent. We will “plant” your creation in a glass bowl but then we will elevate this craft (literally!). In addition to the succulent, you will learn how to create a simple twine hanger. We will incorporate wooden beads and a simple “macramé-like” knotting technique.  Once complete, you will be able to hang your sweet little creation in a window or just about anywhere. You'll have the know-how to make more of them - exercise your creativity and create an entire succulent garden!

    Best of all these sweet plants are guaranteed to never need water, and to never die.  Green thumb not required!

    Class time: 2 hours

    Tools (provided): scissors, glue guns

    Ages: Adult (16+)

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