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What Makes Our Market Different?

Our Size.

With the explosion of the crafting scene, multiple markets have popped up in every city, and they’re getting larger and larger (often boasting over 100 vendors or more!) But sometimes the larger the market, the easier it is to get lost in the shuffle. Shoppers’ dollars are diluted across all vendors and an individual vendor’s sales can suffer. In creating our smaller, well-juried markets, we seek to spotlight each vendor’s work to gain them more attention and sales from market shoppers.

Our Know-How.

As a founding member of the Firefly Handmade market in Boulder, and brand-new co-owner of the Crafted Life craft supply and classes shop in Lafayette, Crafted Life Handmade Markets founder Denise Chaudhari understands what it takes to produce a great market. She has been active in the crafting community for more than a decade and is professionally experienced at curating high-quality handmade products.

A VIP Vendor Experience.

Vendors are the heart of a market. We’re committed to showcasing the best vendors with the highest-quality products possible. We expect to showcase a select few 12-20 vendors at each event, assuring the highest quality each month.
We understand the importance of selecting vendors selling a wide variety of goods, and we’ll strive to represent each product genre equally and never over-saturate any product category. We also know what it takes to create a smooth vendor experience with easy load-in scheduling, ample vendor parking, and carefully considered booth layout. We assure a VIP vendor experience.

Variety and Quality for Shoppers.

Because we'll be rotating the vendors for each market, shoppers can expect a new shopping experience each month where they'll be introduced to new artisans. We can also showcase the highest number of applicants. Although there will be some repeat vendor appearances, we expect to introduce at least 50% new vendors at each event.

Low Cost.

By producing such a small, elite group of vendors, Crafted Life is able to keep market costs low and offer much lower booth fees than other markets - depending on location, booths are $100 (booth sharing allowed) to $150 (prime location, no booth sharing allowed). Also, we require ZERO application fees and there are no additional costs outside of the basic booth fee.

Some Tips for Applicants.

As we are committed to showcasing the very best vendor applicants, it is extremely important to represent yourself well when submitting your application. Show us your best work. Send the best-quality photos possible and include as many links to your work online as possible. Do your best to describe your brand and your products thoroughly so we can understand what makes your work the very best. High-quality vendors making exceptional work will establish our market as a shopping destination, which will ultimately result in higher daily sales volumes. Every vendor wants to have a GREAT day of sales! 
Please note that we accept vendors selling only 100% handmade goods.

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